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Pioneering Sustainable Aviation

Triple Box Wing


Composite airframe

18 passengers / 3x LD3 cargo



Twin electric motors powered by certifiable turbogenerator

Regional Airfields


No range issues

No new infrastructure


Bio Electric Hybrid Aircraft



Wingspan  57 ft   (17.37 m)

Length  48 ft 2 in  (14.69 m)

Height  14 ft 10 in  (4.52 m)


2x Contra-rotating propfans contained within acoustic reduction duct

'Quick Change' capable from passenger to cargo

Low noise, reduced cost of operations and reduced emissions

300m all-surface runway requirement, autonomous capable


Faradair is developing a hybrid-electric aircraft concept that solves three core problems hindering regional flight growth:

Cost of Operations



An innovative, clean-sheet designed aircraft specifically configured for sustainable regional flight, BEHA aims to achieve significant reductions in these areas whilst delivering an economically viable asset for operators.


A multi-role asset, BEHA converts from an 18 passenger configuration to cargo in just 15 minutes. Accommodating three LD3 cargo containers and payloads of up to 5 tons, BEHA is an environment-neutral utility workhorse, maximizing revenue opportunity 24/7.


Hybrid-electric flight provides a cost-effective distributed aviation model, enabling local airfields the ability to offer scheduled and charter flight services to regional towns and cities at a price-point unmatched through traditional major airport hubs.




Aerospace Experienced Team

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Neil Cloughley

CEO & Founder



Experienced Commercial Aviation Executive and entrepreneur.


WIth over two decades of successful track record within new product development and commercial aviation asset management and financing.


A winner of numerous business awards and pitching events, an accomplished speaker at conferences across the world, advising Government ministers and agencies, widely recognized as a pioneer/expert within the sustainable aviation sector.

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Dr. Ben Evans

Chief Aerodynamicist



Head of Aerospace Engineering at Swansea University.


Team member on Bloodhound SSC, the 1,000 mph supersonic land speed record car.


Brings aerodynamic engineering talents to our aircraft optimization program.


Leads partnership with Swansea University aerospace engineering & testing facilities.

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Chris Leeds

Non-Executive Director



20+ years Commercial aviation finance executive including directorship of ECGD (UK’s official export credit agency) responsible for all aviation business and 

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, responsible for expansion

of the aviation business.

Involved in the Faradair programme since the beginning, helping to shape and guide the corporate structure and market capability

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Randy Tinseth

Almost 40 years’ experience in aviation, the past 13 years as Vice President Marketing for Boeing Commercial Airplanes.


Served as a leading Boeing spokesperson, delivering keynote speeches at the most important aviation conferences and air shows around the world.