Announcing the world's most

environmental airplane

Triple Box Wing


Short take-off and landing with 18 passengers



Whisper quiet propulsion with carbon neutral footprint

Carbon Composite


Lightweight materials 

deliver 1,150 mile range


Bio Electric Hybrid Aircraft



Wingspan  57 ft

Length  48 ft 2 in

Height  14 ft 10 in

Acoustic reduction surrounds contra-rotating pusher propfan.

Solar panel for 'always on’ cabin ground power.

Opposing gull-wing doors for rapid deplaning and cargo loading.

Non-pressurized cabin for reduced

maintenance costs.


Faradair is developing a hybrid-electric aircraft concept that solves three core problems hindering regional flight growth:


Operation Costs


With a clean-sheet design aircraft specifically configured for hybrid-electric flight, BEHA aims to achieve significant reductions in these areas whilst delivering an economically viable regional air transport solution.


A multi-role asset, BEHA converts from an 18 passenger configuration to cargo in just 15 minutes. Accommodating three LD3 cargo containers and payloads of up to 5 tons, BEHA is an environment-neutral workhorse, maximizing revenue opportunity 24/7.


Hybrid-electric flight provides a cost-effective distributed aviation model, enabling local airfields the ability to offer scheduled and charter flight services to regional towns and cities at a price-point unmatched through traditional major airport hubs.


Our Team

Dr. Ben Evans

Chief Aerodynamicist

Neil Cloughley

Founder & CEO

Chris Leeds

Chief Financial Officer


The future of regional air



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